Feb 24

Paneling Completed

The exterior walls of the old house are sheathed in shiplap with a few nails.  In order to increase the sheer strength of the walls and improve our chances of surviving an earthquake, I installed 1/2″ plywood on the interior all the walls.

It will make easy to hang pictures but I won’t try to put my fist in the wall.

Dining Room and Kitchen

Dining Room and Kitchen

Front Wall

Front Door and Dining Room


Jan 21

Insulation Completed and Approved

I have completed insulating the walls.  I used a combination of Roxul Stone Wool Insulation and foam boards instead of the traditional firberglass insulation. Easy to cut and no itching.

The walls were furred out with 2×2’s to get close the the 5.5″ depth in order to get the required R-21 Insulation.  Many sections of the walls had prior framing from previous windows, walls etc. in those areas I put in R15 3.5″ bats and covered it with 1.5″ R7.5 foam boards.  If the bays were open I put in R23 5.5″ batts.

Very time consuming but when the Building inspector came, he walked around, paused then commented it was the neatest  job of insulation he had seen and then promptly signed it off.





Dec 26

Water Supply Solution

A few weeks ago the refrigerator I had near my office in the basement quit working.  It became a serious issue, where was I going to keep the cream for my coffee and the water dispenser that was in the door of the refrigerator.

A new refrigerator with water dispenser is around $1000.  A new small refrigerator about $150. Sounds like a better solution since we already have a large working refrigerator upstairs.

First I removed the dispenser from the broken refrigerator.

Water Dispenser unit

Water Dispenser and water valve removed from refrigerator

Broken Refrigerator without Water Dispenser

Broken Refrigerator without Water Dispenser













Next I built a wood box, filled the nail holes, painted it and installed the unit

Box for Water Dispenser

Box for Water Dispenser

Back side of finished unit

Back side of finished unit














And it works!!

Checking out the water

Checking out the water


Jul 15

Electrical Inspection Passed

I had my electrical inspection today. Inspector said it looked like I knew what I was doing. Thanks to Google and the internet.

Only need to install supports on the conduit for the feeder.

Now it is on to finishing up the framing for inspection and then insulation.
Electrical Approval

Apr 03

Mac back on line

Decided to replace the screen since the computer is working fine even though it is an early 2008 model MacBook Pro.  After watching 3 YouTube videos on replacing the screen I ordered a new screen from . There were no surprises in dismantling the computer and replacing the screen except the 30 some screws as shown in the photo below.

mac disassembled

Mac in pieces after disassembly.


The 30 some screws, didn’t lose any and didn’t have any leftovers.

mac ok 600

Back in business!!

Mar 14

Save a coffee cup score:

Mac Screen “0” Coffee Cup “0”

mac screen

When removing my MacBook Pro from it’s case and trying not to knock an empty coffee cup on the floor.  I managed to break the screen on the Mac and the handle off the coffee cup.  The bottom inch or of the screen is still working, just not very useful.


Coffee cup in trash

Replacement screen ordered for MacBook Pro.

Nov 11

Periodical Guide for Computerists

In the 1970’s I published an index of computer magazine articles called the Periodical Guide for Computerists which I initially sold in April 1977 at the “First West Coast Computer Faire” held in San Francisco, via mail order and later at several computer shows around the country.

There were a large number of computer publications but weren’t included in the standard library indexes.  As a matter of fact when I once asked a librarian if they had Byte magazine she responded, “We don’t subscribe to counter cultural magazines.”

I published the 1975 through 1979 editions and Rick Levine published the 1980-81 edition.

I have scanned the originals and have them available for download below.

Click the each cover to download that index.

PGCover1975-76 100

PGCover1977 100

PGCover1978 100

PGCover1979 100

PGCover1980-81 100



Jun 15

Why I have an Adjustable Stand-Up Desk


Sitting Vs. Standing Desk

Jun 07

Front Door Installed

Even though I bought a pre-hung door I had to extend the jamb to fit my walls which are not standard.  Current exterior walls are 6-1/2″  thick with 1/2″ drywall on the inside, a 2X6 (5-1/2″) and 1/2″ plywood on the outside. Interior walls and old exterior walls are usually 2X4’s making the finished wall 4-1/2″ thick.

Mine of course are thicker.  I have shiplap on the outside 3/4″, 2×4 Stud 3-1/2″ with a 1-3/4″ furring strip, 1/2″ plywood for shear strength (to meet earthquake requirements) and 1/2″ drywall on the inside.  The doors I bought were for 4-1/2″ walls so I had to extend the jamb.  I planed the boards down to 1″ and ripped them to 2-3/8″ wide.  I cut biscuit slots in the edge of the new jamb and the boards and glued the jamb extensions n place.  In the picture below you can see the clamped extension at the rear with the ready to be glued and assembled jamb extension in the forefront.

Door jamb extensions

Door jamb extensions

Since there are no windows on either the north or south walls of the large room I added some narrow windows on each side of the door and bought doors with a window in the door to let in moor light.  Here is the door installed.

Installed Door

Installed Door


May 26

Front Door Replacement

I have started to move and replace the front door.  I am moving the door about 12″ and adding vertical windows on each side of the door.  The photo shows where the door was with all he studs removed.

Where the front door was

Where the front door was

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